My research takes a multi-method approach to exploring the micro and macro dimensions of culture, identity, and personal data in contemporary American institutions. I am currently completing working on three projects:

  • Social Identity and Distinction in Elite Higher Education – this project explores how Muslim students construct valued identities at an elite university during a time of social and political marginalization. It also advances our understanding of how elite institutions reproduce status distinctions in the midst of democratic demands for inclusivity.
  • Group Attitude Polarization in the Age of Trump – in this study (with Ramina Sotoudeh), I investigate the configuration and underlying logics of Americans’ attitudes towards various social groups in society, attitudes with implications for social solidarity and support for public policies.
  • Identity Theft and the Production of Economic Insecurity – This project investigates identity theft resolution from the perspective of victims and the organizations they navigate. It aims to improve our understanding of the processes for managing and correcting personal data and their consequences, particularly for the smooth operation of contemporary economic markets.