Publications and Manuscripts

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Peer-Reviewed (* denotes equal authorship)

Brensinger, Jordan and Ramina Sotoudeh*. 2022. “Party, Race, and Neutrality: Investigating the Interdependence of Attitudes Towards Social Groups.” American Sociological Review 87(6): 1049-1093. Replication materials.

  • 2021 Co-winner, Best Student Paper Award from the Political Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association

Brensinger, Jordan and Gil Eyal. 2021. “The Sociology of Personal Identification.” Sociological Theory 39(4): 265-292.

Under Review

Brensinger, Jordan. “Identity Theft, Mistrust, and the Production of Economic Insecurity.” Second R&R at American Sociological Review.

Brensinger, Jordan. “Personal Data Work: Managing Personal Information in Everyday Life.” R&R at American Sociological Review.

Reviews and Book Chapters

Brensinger, Jordan. 2021. “The Unforgiving Society.” Review of Sarah Esther Lageson, Digital Punishment. European Journal of Sociology 62(3):519-24.

Belyavina, Raisa and Jordan Brensinger. 2013. “Building Knowledge-Based Economies in Latin America: The Role of National Study-Abroad Scholarship Programs.” Pp. 39-53 in Latin America’s New Knowledge Economy: Higher Education, Government, and International Collaboration, edited by J. Balán. New York: Institute of International Education.

Public Writing

Sotoudeh, Ramina and Jordan Brensinger. 2023. “Partisanship is Not the Only ‘Logic’ Informing Americans’ Attitudes Toward Social Groups.USAPP – American Politics and Policy.

Brazzell, Nia, Jordan Brensinger, Shaanan Cohney, Sayash Kapoor, Mihir Kshirsagar, Katrina Liggett, Jonathan Mayer, and Arvind Narayanan. 2022. Comment: Commercial Surveillance ANPR R111004.

Brensinger, Jordan, Taylor Leaphart, Jorge Rosero, Raul De La O, Venitia Boyce, and Amina Kirk. 2021. “Who Should be Responsible for Personal Data?Change Machine Blog.

Work In Progress

Brensinger, Jordan. Misidentified: Opportunity and Insecurity in the Data Economy.

Brensinger, Jordan. “The Achievement of Legibility: Algorithms, Expert Judgment, and Individual Subjectivity in Consumer Banking.”